Please listen to me..

HOPE Changes Everything
PART 13: Please listen to me..

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After couple of days, Gautam gave a phone call to Junaid so that he can meet him and try to explain about the situation. As it was not easy to call Junaid and talk directly about Razia, Gautam thought of calling him for some business purpose. Junaid was a wholesaler in hospital linens. So this was the perfect reason, Gautam thought of. Junaid was already disturbed with all that happened. Though, no one from his family was willing to solve the issue between him & Razia. His parents thought, “She was inauspicious, thank god she left by herself. Now we can find a better girl for Junaid, who will give us our grandson.”

Junaid was missing Razia and his girls. The only thing that he wanted was a son. And that created so many disputes in his family. But now, his personnel life is totally distressed and he doesn’t want that to affect his business life. So as Gautam called him, he without thinking much accepted the proposal of meeting him at the cafe.

It was 11 am on the day when Gautam had called Junaid to meet. In sometime, Junaid arrived at the cafe and was looking around in search of Gautam. They had never met before so he thought of calling him. He took out his cell phone to give him a call and ask where he was. Instead, he saw Razia walking towards him. Razia and Junaid stared at each other. They have lots of things to share but Junaid’s ego didn’t allow him to speak kind words. They both took a seat at the corner table. Both were quiet for a moment or two. Then Razia broke her silence, “Junaid, I have called you here so that we can talk.”

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Junaid gets irritated on her and tries to leave. Razia stops him, “Junaid please wait, and listen to me. Let’s talk and sort our problems. You can make everything okay. If you support me than no one will ever hurt me.” “Why should I support you? I mean to say, who am I to support you? You have taken your own decisions and you don’t need me anymore. If you can leave your house and take children’s away from me, then you can do anything on your own. No need to think about me or my family.”

Gautam was seating right next to Razia & Junaid, just to see that he doesn’t hurt her anymore. Razia explained saying, “I came to know about your plans to kill my baby so I had to leave that house.” Junaid denied “You are creating a false story and this is not true.” Razia got mad at him saying, “No I am not making stories, to save my unborn baby I had to take that huge step. You and your parents don’t like my girls either so I brought them with me.”