What does Rank, Score, Grades matters in our life?

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Rank of-course matters in student’s life. A boy or a girl is judged how he or she is serious in his studies. It do matters for their future carrier. But do you agree that not only boys and girls are judge with their ranks but Men and Women are too judge with their work. Isn’t it seems unrealistic, but it is very true and many of us have noticed it too.

You must all have used or heard sentences like: “This is my prettiest doll I have”, “He/She is more smarter then his sister/brother”, ” This child is very fair in our family” and many more. We can see every sentences we use compare the one with the other. May be brother is compare to his brother or his sister or as alternate. If one has two or more child we know they are always compared to other one. We sometimes also use sentences like “This boy/girl will become an engineer”, actually we don’t know their future bout other child we encourage the child looking their appearances. But what about your other child?

It is good to encourage one but try to find out what your other child feels when he is compared on the basis of their studies, dance, sports, behavior etc.  if one is compared with other means his capability is still unknown to the family.

Not only the children’s are compared but every man is compared with his father, brother, friend or sometimes with his co-workers and this time the reason to compare is his earnings, his looks, personality, behavior, parenting and many more. In the same way women is also compare with her sister, sister- in- law, mother-in-law, friend, neighbor etc for her behavior, looks, hospitality, cooking, earning, style and many more.

No one like to be judge by others so please don’t compare anyone with others as we all are not perfect.  Appreciate one for one’s deed without comparing with other. Try to love all your family members equally- this can bring happiness in your life.


Trupti Bhatt

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