Razia’s Insensitive World!

HOPE Changes Everything PART 3 : Razia's Insensitive World!

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But life seems hard for Razia. There was no happiness in her marriage. No friends and no more relatives were invited. Razia’s father met with a sudden accident and was in critical condition. So her uncle took advantage of this situation and made a proposal that they marry his son Junaid with Razia. In other words he forced Razia’s family for the marriage. Razia’s father survived miraculously. But he was still in the hospital and was worrying about her. So without thinking much he accepted the proposal. No one was there who thought about Razia and her feelings. Her thoughts didn’t matter and under such circumstances she was married to Junaid.

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Razia visited Aditi’s Clinic for a checkup. Aditi recognized her, “Razia? Right, after such a long time, how have you been?” Now the thing is Aditi came to know that Razia is pregnant with her third baby. She is already a mom of two beautiful girls. They both were school going girls. Junaid was forcing her for abortion. He was having a positive intuition of the third child being a girl. His parents and relatives had strongly washed his mind by saying that girls are inauspicious and burden for his family. Razia was against her husband and his family, and wanted to give birth to her third kid no matter whether it’s a girl or boy. But no one cares what she wants or desires.

Razia’s Insensitive World!

Her family members started being rude to her. They started abusing her verbally as well as physically. They started being harsh to her. “From the time I married you, my luck has disappeared. You have ruined my life. Why don’t you leave me and go away.” Junaid started hitting her and his parents gave loads of work to her. She hardly could rest. She was trying to cope up with anxiety and depression. But things had gone out of control. Now all she needed was someone who could give her the needed support and care. She came for help from the doctor, but was unknown that the doctor is none other than Aditi.

Razia felt difficult to express herself in front of Aditi. But Aditi understood the problem and made her feel comfortable. She was very clear that as Razia is very shy and reserved in nature will not openly speak about her problems, so she advised her to make calls and they both meet regularly, so she can make her comfortable. Razia shared her problem with Aditi not as a doctor but as a friend. She spoke out everything to her and asked for help.

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