Rhea’s Love Wins the Race – A story of a small town Girl

This is an untold story of a small town girl Rhea. Rhea was living a simple and joyful life. She was attached to nature and love plantation at her home. One can say greenery and colors are part of her life. She used to sketch drawings with soft music playing aside. Silence with music helps her to lie down her heart on paper. She brings out her best on canvas from the core of her heart. No learning or training is needed but the only admiration was his pleased heart. She grew up with a lovely family support and beautiful collections of her artwork.

A day arises, when a charming, tall and handsome boy brought a proposal for marriage. He came with his family at her home till then Rhea’s family had not yet planned for marriage. “Our daughter’s first proposal” said her father Bhimadev to her Mom Krishnadevi. Both were surprised and happy after knowing the details of Srushant. He was engineer with well set background. Famous royal big family when comes with a proposal of a marriage of an only son, the family gets surprise and their happiness flies high.

Bhimadev and Krisnadevi were over excited where else Rhea was confused as she had not yet decided about her future. She was just going to complete her college and she had to face the proposal. In a small town this is the story of every girl who hardly completes her studies and get married. The same was in Rheas life.  There was no reason to say ‘No’ but finds very early to say ‘Yes’ as she had not started her career. She was worried about her career. But, Srushant family was back to back waiting for the reply and so to please them Bhimadev said yes to the proposal.

On Bhimadev’s approval both the families got engage in the preparation of their marriage. In the chaos of the huge event, her future plan never exists. On the other hand Rhea’s love life began to start. Her imaginations were touching sky. All the rituals were decided, shopping was planned and marriage cards were given for printing.

Rhea’s elder brother Jahan was working in city came home. He blessed Rhea and shared his joyous feelings with her. Though Rhea and Jahan both are staying far but they didn’t hide any secrets with each other, their understanding lead their relation a strong bond which Jahan was not having with other family members. Jahan always supported Rhea and took great care of her, just as a responsible brother do for his little sister.

The other day Srushant came home to meet ‘Jahan’. They both were unknown for each other so their meeting was planned before all the ritual starts. They first time met each other but both have noticed that they have seen somewhere earlier. It was true as they had not met each other but were staying in neighboring street and seen near crossings. As soon as Jahan got strike that Shrushant is that same guy he is thinking of he gets confused. Jahan new this boy is really with good ethics but he also had listen from his friend that he was in love with another girl. He had many questions in his mind and he doubted on him.

Bhimadev was deciding the venue of the event, Rhea with her mother was going to jewelers shop. Sample of invitations were in front of him. Everything made Jahan disturb. As everyone’s happiness depends on his silence. But the matter was of his dearest sister and to keep his mouth shut is impossible. It is something to cheat Rhea. He didn’t want to see her sad in later life and so he decided to tell the truth. He loved his sister very much and was worried about her.

One day when his parent had gone to meet the priest he called Rhea. Before he could say anything Rhea herself shared this truth to Jahan that Srushant first loved Anjani very much. After their breakup he was living a heartrending life. On the pressure of his parents he agreed for the marriage.

After knowing the full history Jahan felt shock and tried to explain her that she is free to say no for marriage. If she does not feel that she would be loved from heart then she can refuse for the marriage.  But she decided to go for it as Anjani was past and left him. And she is going to be his present and future. She carefully handled the situation as she started loving him. With the positive hope that the past never comes again she wanted to begin a new life.

But life always is unpredictable to everyone. Their marriage had been a great event. Both were wholeheartedly blessed with their loved ones. They both perform rituals and started their new journey. Time runs fast and they both were fully faithful to each other. Once an early morning when everyone was having their first cup of tea, Rhea gave the good news to be pregnant. The day was full of joy.  Srushant was taking great care of her health, brought gifts and planned small surprises for her to make always happy.

But the tragic started now. One late night Srushant received a call. There was none other than Anjani. Dunked, depressed Anjani was stuck in a fault case and wanted Srushant to stand by her side. She needed money in large sum which she could not borrow from her family. She knew that her tears will melt his heart. Now she had lost her job. There was no one else whom she can share her problem. So she called Shrushant. After receiving his dear beloved call he gets touchy. He still had a soft corner for her.

Anjani started crying on phone so he could not bear more so he continuously tried to calm down. This call extended long for an hour. Then her phones were received at every next day. Rhea gets a negative instinct. She then doubted on him. Shrushant too ignored her and didn’t give proper reply.  She was finally disturbed when she finds that Srushant ex had called him. It’s true the one you love can’t be easily forgettable. The same was continued and Rhea was not able to tolerate this.

Rhea finally thought an idea to come out of the distractions and planned to get her love back without any discussions or arguments with him. For three days she notices the timings of his phone calls. Her pregnancy was the key to get Shrushant closer and she did same. Whenever he receives her call Rhea used to feel sick, unhappy and uncomfortable. He then put the call aside and gave attention to her. Rhea’s pregnancy took first priority then Anjani’s tears.

Rhea’s plan was working to keep between both but she again changes her mind. She does not want Shrushant by any trick she wanted him back on the basis of love she does. She then decided not to take any step and let the life go on; she will wait till he completely comes to her. There relations were getting fade and liveliness was disappeared from their life. Shrushant from his contact found out the new job for Anjani. This job was at higher post and it was his friend that easily she got it. Anjani was happy as her issue was solved. She celebrated with him and thrown a small party with her other friends in the city.

Shrushant, Anjani and three other friends were enjoying dinner. Just after the dinner when they were gossiping. One of the friend told pointing out some movies that how they easily shows love triangle. And what actually one should do when he or she is facing such kind of problem. Srushant felt personal but Anjani was behaving as unknown to everything. She admitted that if her hubby loves another girl she immediately will leaves him. Her answer gave a big stoke to Shrushant. He thought of Rhea as how innocently she hides things from the family so as his image remains clean.

Rheas soft hearten behavior and his love attracts again Shrushant to herself but Anjani’s company did not let him free to think for Rhea. Next day when shrushant was sharing his confused feelings Anjani was busy in chatting with someone else. Suddenly he asked her that if she really love him why she took so long time to come back. She hesitated first and then tries to explain him. But now Shrushant very well reached to the conclusion that he was used to get the job. So many phone calls, her crying and her caring nature were just to make use of his contact.

He departed from the city to the town. He arrived home and searched Rhea everywhere but he did not find her. He then asked his father that Rhea and her mom is not at home. Where they have gone? He finds that Rhea was not well and went to hospital with his mom. He waited for sometime but his heart was cursing him and so he wished to meet her as soon as possible. He then reached to the hospital and find out Rhea. On his arrival she could not control her tears. He tried to console him and said sorry for neglecting her. She then murmur in his ear that she is pregnant. Happiness again knocked their doors. Shrushant jump with joy and hug her and thanks her to be with him.

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