Rhythm – In the heart of Indians

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Indians are embossed with many talents and among them the most loved one is MUSIC. We find the music in our heart, we find it in the chirping of birds, flowing streams, in morning prayer.   Music comes from the heart when we are in love, we are sad, we are confused or tensed.

Hamare dil se niklta hai sangeet – Aur dil se nikli hui har dhun hame hamare svabhav, pavitrata aur pyar ki pehchan karvati hai.

Now going for Indian music we have lots of cultural folk music, classical music, western music, patriotic music. We all are aware of classical, western and patriotic music but many of us are still a bit far from our cultural folk music.

Rhythm – In the heart of Indians

Folk Music.

Folk music is a simple music written by poets, composers with a simple regional language. This music is performed in a group having the fun of enjoying singing, dancing, and drama with friends and relatives. This music is not only sung or performed for fun but to educate people. A teaching’s of social topics, history, culture and tradition’s, festivals, informative knowledge are included in the form of singing, dancing and dramas.

At primary stage, people found the sound of nature, they tried to replicate the same voice from their vocal chords and tried to create music of their own. They also used available things like wood, stone, pot, animal bone etc and form music. This music boost energy to the people and helps to calm their mind after having heavy workload.

Folk music is sung in many social functions like some kind of prayer, mehndi ceremony, marriage ceremony, thread ceremony, death rituals. These were called as ‘gatha’ which means a song.

In present stage this music is been made complicated using folk instruments, raga, taal etc. Rhythm plays an important role in abiding agent. Folk rhythms have a natural meter. E.g. Kherwara (4 beats), Dadra( 6 beats), Jalad Deepchandi/ Chachar (7 beats), etc. It is a Music or everyone, everything and every occasion. Everyone should have a sense of touch for this music.


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