Right to Equal Pay.

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When a woman comes out for work, she is not only working on her own, she is working for his family. With the workload, she carries in her job she also has to go with equal responsibilities towards her home, her family. A kind-hearted husband understand the rush of her life and kindly help in many ways but still more never? So, in that case, she alone has to manage everything. Their social and cultural functions, children’s studies, guests everything. As a culture of India, ‘Naree tu Narayani’ is observed. Indian Women have the capability to restore and research, force and figure, initiate and execute and in our India women have the capability to manage everything the best.
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Gender & right to equal pay

Gender pay gap in India refers to the difference in earnings between women and men in the paid employment and labor market.(1) For the year 2013, the gender pay gap in India was estimated to be 24.81% (2) A report by the World Economic Forum highlights that in the corporate sector in India, a woman is paid only one-third of what a man in the same position is paid.

India suffers from huge gender pay gap, says report.
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From the latest Monster Salary Index report covering the years 2013, 2014 and first three Quarters of 2015, the report finds 25.4%gender pay gap difference. This means the median hourly wage for the Women is 25.4% less than the median hourly wage for the Man. This gap is maximum of 34.9% in manufacturing, 34% in IT and this gap exists in movie business too.

Aindrita Rai female actor of Kannada film industry, saying women aren’t paid even 5% of what male leads are paid. According to another Kannada female actor “Shruti” “the heroines are not getting important role than that of man gets, because of this discrimination in pay happens”.

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In Sports Squash star Dipika Pallikal has boycotted the National Squash Championship for the last three years, protesting the unequal prize money for men and women.

Uttarakhand is the state with the lowest percentage of gender pay gap, that is female earnings only 9% less than men but that in Bihar female earns 63% less than men in the formal sector (in the year 2006-2013).

The gender pay gap varies across Indian states and is the highest in the following states:

State Women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s earnings
Bihar 63%
Chhattisgarh 48%
Assam 48%
Himachal Pradesh 45%
Rajasthan and Kerala 44%