Ripped Shorts are always in Fashion

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Fashion changes with the season. But the trend of wearing ripped jeans and shorts is in fashion for the last couple of decades. Regular jeans are mostly worn at work but when you want to relax and make yourself comfortable you can prefer wearing ripped jeans which are lightly torn. Summer is a perfect time for making someplace in your wardrobe for ripped jeans and shorts No wonder that your regular jeans will also fade and scrap after few uses and people feel fashionable wearing self-scratched jeans.

But the more the ripped, the more expensive they are. So, youngsters have learned to make their jeans and shorts distressed like a pro by conveniently DIY with a sharp cutter and sandpaper. But there are some rules that should be followed while giving a cool look to that denim otherwise it will look ugly. The first thing to keep in mind while ripping or scratching your shorts is the position and then the number of scratches you do. A longer cut with the cutter or knife will not be comfortable to wear so make the scratch of approximately 2 inches or according to the size of your shorts. Vertical scratch should be of minimum length else the pattern will look unfinished one. Long jeans can be scratched and made holes in two or three places in front and one or two at back, but in shorts, two to three are enough to get the style. Additionally, you can bring out threads from the end part of the shorts and jeans to get the fray jeans look.

Types of Ripped Shorts:

Denim ripped shorts

Ladies first choice is always denim, and denim shorts are said to be a total stylish short. Try buying ripped denim shorts rather than regular shorts. You can choose from low waist shorts or inside out denim shorts pattern. If you don’t want to go for denim ripped shorts then pull out the threads from the end and get the frayed hem.

High waist ripped shorts

High waist jeans are the running trend in jeans likely high waist shorts are in demand. New stylish and designer shorts are available in the market with new thread cutting style to go with ripped shorts fashion. This high waist ripped short brings in a unique style and feels cool in summer and gives trendy look with crop top or shirt in fashion.

Multi-colored ripped shorts

Girls are always in look for fashionable denim shorts but now a day’s colorful shorts are loved by all. Red, blue, white, black and grey colored ripped shorts are seen which gives funky look with its contrast-colored top and stylish accessories.

Pocket ripped shorts

Pocket ripped shorts looks cool on an adventurous trip or a trip to any beach. In this type of shorts square, rectangular and round pockets are seen with different dimensions to keep the useful and needed items to carry with you.

Style tips to wear Ripped Shorts

Ripped shorts with off shoulder top

Short Kurti, tunic, top, anything matches with the shorts. But today off shoulder top is a running trend to give a glamorous look. Floral off the shoulder top with ripped short gives a cool look of summer. Also plain light colored top will give a good match for ripped shorts.

Silky Blouse with shorts

A silky blouse with the ripped shorts, with a gold chain or a delicate neck accessory, will give you casual and comfy look. Floral print pink silky blouse, red bell sleeves blouse, cream floral printed blouse and ivory gold cuff stud blouse are a good combination with shorts.

Plaid Shirt with ripped shorts

Layer a crop top with an open Plaid shirt and distressed denim to give you simple yet stylish look in summer.

Striped shirt with shorts

Striped shirt, belt, hat, sandals, and denim cutoffs make a perfectly chic and comfy summer outfit. Short sleeve t-shirt with shorts or black and white strip t-shirt with shorts also looks goods. Red and white is also a good combination with denim shorts.

Button down shirt with shorts

Wear half open and half closed shirt with crop inner and denim short. Match gladiator sandals with that to look trendy.

Tank top with short

Throw a black tank top with denim ripped short and open button-down shirt. Add a sparkly necklace for a cute look. Also navy blue tank with a white shirt and grey tank or white tank with black shirt gives a stylish look.

Kimono with tank and short

A pretty tank with any colored and printed kimono and short will give you perfect casual look in a warm weather.



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