Rubber Plant – Best as an Indoor Plant for Home Decor

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Well, we are relaxed and more comfortable at our homes. The reason behind this is the fresh environment inside. There are many things to make our home attractive and have a good environment is by indoor plantation. Indoor plantation one of the best ways to decorate our home at low cost and to have a fresh and non-polluted air. Let us see how indoor plantation is beneficial for us;

1.The immune system gets improved through indoor plantation.
2. Mental stress get decreased as one gets busy with planting plants.
3. Greenery always Purify the air quality and so it will do same.
4. Healing power improves when we get in touch with soil and plants.

Plants gives lives to the corner specially when planted in a big round pot or long pot which is designed beautifully and placed near the corners of the sofa set. Also it gives a new look to the long gallery where the shadows of the leaves replaces the need of the paintings. Some hangings plants and some hydrated plants has their different place in indoor plantation. The most common indoor plants, we can find near us are peace lily, spider plants, snake plants, rubber plant and more. From all the indoor plants a better and well much-known name for indoor plantation is rubber plant.

The rubber plant is getting famous for its large and deep green leaves. This plant is not only for decoration it handles a lot of things by its place. These plants are having different colors and varieties. The rubber plant leaves are shiny and rubbery nature ,we can commonly see in dark green color. But it has a different color like reddish black leaves. It will grow with the beautiful leaves perfectly when you give them proper care.

It can grow to great heights within a short time when you put the plants outside during summer and in mother soil. If you want to keep them small you can restrict the plants in small pots through that you can manage the height and you can keep it in the rooms. Maintaining the rubber plant is not to hard. No need to bother about it and just you need to follow the steps to propagate it:

1. Sunlight
2. Temperature
3. Water
4. Balancing
5. Repotting
6. Propagation
7. Pruning

Rubber Plants is very much demanded for indoor plantation for its beautiful and big leaves. This leaves are properly grown when the plant gets proper sunlight. This plant is affected with the direct sunlight so it should be placed where it gets medium light. Also Some variety of rubber plants need more light to bring out their actual colors, so after planting take a note on the growth of the plants and make sure the plants get enough bright light.

Rubber plants are sensitive they didn’t like temperature changes ,they only prefer to live in consistent humidity and temperature areas. It generally prefers the temperature between 65 degrees F to 75 degrees F. Coming to winter season they can survive in low temperatures like 50 degrees F. They just want water and sunlight with proper temperature.

Rubber plant needs more water, especially in summer and in growing time. You have to keep the soil moist. You can also wipe the leaves with a soft and wet cloth to keep them moist. Wiping is also helping to absorb more sunlight. If you are not capable to wipe every leaf there is another option called misting.

When you are in the winter season just keeping the soil in a dry state but not too dry. Let the top layer of the soil dry in between watering. Make sure you don’t keep over water to your rubber plant. If the plant wants water they start to drop the leaves that are the sign the plant telling you it needs water, then you add more water in your plant pot.

A good balance of temperature, water, sunlight, and air are the ideals for this plant growth. They want proper sunlight, it must not be over hot. They want water, but not much water they just want to keep the soil moist. They want temperature, but not high and low they only prefer consistent humidity and temperature. Based on the season the temperature level will get changed. By all these precautions we can grow our plants. Make sure balancing is important for this plant.

Repotting is a must for the actual growth of plant and You can do it repotting every year. It depends on your previous pot size weather small or big. If your pot has enough space for a plant no need to change and if your pot is small then you have to shift in a big pot noticing the growth of the plant. enough space is necessary to roots to go grow deep which affects the size of the plant.

For propagating a plant you need to cut a small branch of a healthy rubber plant and grow it in a soil. when you find that its roots are developing then shift it to proper pot and take care properly by following upper points.

Pruning is important to give support itself. Rubber plants can be pruned at any time in the year you don’t bother about seasons. But be aware while pruning your rubber plant because the plant releases some sap. The sap can cause irritation for some people so wash your hands carefully after handling your plant.

Rubber plant is easy to care by following these tips. The plants will definitely improve indoor air quality and their large leaves absorb chemicals in the air and break them down. Rubber plants also exhaled the carbon dioxide in the air and convert it into breathable oxygen. It also eliminates bacteria in the air. So rubber plant growth is helping your health and it must attract and impress your guests. So pick the rubber plants to decor home to improve the good environment.

Note: Don’t do repotting your plant when you would like to keep it as its current size. Make sure if the size is ok for you or not. If you want more growth, then only do repot.


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