Rupali Ganguly Famous Roles to Achieve Great Fan Following

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Who Is Rupali Ganguly?

Rupali Ganguly is best known for portraying Monisha Sarabhai in the popular sitcom Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and Mona Mittal in the Indian television series Kkavyanjali.

Anupamaa, a popular Hindi serial in the country, is the show that propelled her to the top of her peers’ ranks. Rupali Ganguly is the main character in the daily serial and one of the most well-known bahus on television. While many of us are familiar with her television roles, many lesser-known aspects of her life would spark the attention of her fans.

Rupali’s first acting part was when she was seven years old in the film Saaheb (1985). Rupali is a Bengali who was born in the state of West Bengal, in the city of Kolkata. Rupali’s father, Anil Ganguly, is a well-known director.

Because her father worked in the industry, she got trained in acting when she was a child. She also played a little artist in her father’s film Balidan. After completing her studies, Rupali went on to pursue Hotel Management. In the year 2000, she established an advertising business in Mumbai.

The actress struggled with body image and faced hostility after gaining weight after giving birth. “Since her physique transformed, She couldn’t look at herself. For fear of what others would say, she would be scared to leave the house. “If even I can not look at me, why would anyone else will. She stated this in conversation with a prominent entertainment website.

Rupali was Anupamaa’s backup plan. Many other well-known personalities were considered for the female lead role, including Mona Singh, Gauri Pradhan, Juhi Parmar, and Sakshi Tanwar before the creators opted for her.

Rupali Ganguly Famous Role To Achieve Her Great Fan Following

Despite the passage of nearly 18 years, the Sarabhai’s continue to play an important role in fans’ lives. The show’s references get used in everyday conversations, and the characters are frequently and lovingly remembered. Monisha Sarabhai attracted fans with her middle-class demeanor and the reliability it provided. While some of it was far too excessive for our liking, she did manage to strike an unbreakable chord with us.

In the year 2020, Rupali plays a middle-aged Indian woman who is torn between her familial obligations and the desire to become self-sufficient.

Anupamaa quickly rose to prominence as a show with a progressive plotline and a sensitive and acceptable approach to portraying some real-life difficulties.

Ganguly returned to this role after an almost seven-year break, and it has been nothing short of successful for her both personally and professionally. “Through Anupamaa, I’ve learned that self-love is incredibly vital,” she stated in an interview with ET Times. Women, on the whole, are incapable of accepting and loving themselves.”

“It’s not like only other ladies think that way,” she continued, “I do that too.” This constant feeling that we are not up to par or that we are inferior to others, that we are constantly condemning ourselves and putting ourselves down, is not healthy. It is a nice characteristic to think about others, but you must first think about yourself. I believe that if you begin to love yourself, you will begin to love others as well.

Rupali Ganguly, to be honest, has a certain likeability aspect that makes her stand out. Only Ganguly’s compelling performance kept the Monisha that we grew to love in our memories. Sarabhai V/S Sarabhai wasn’t the only show where she showed off her skills.

She appeared in several popular television shows, including Sanjivani, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Parvarish, and reality shows such as Bigg Boss and Zara Nach Ke Dikha, among others.

Rupali Ganguly stunned the nation with her recent show Anupamaa, which was a stark contrast to her previous roles. While Sarabhai’s goofy and frugal side was on display in Anupamaa, she portrayed a strong woman who became an inspiration to many.

The beauty of her performance is that she can play both contrasting roles with such finesse that it’s difficult to believe she’s the same actress. Monisha demonstrated her innocent side, while Anupama demonstrated how simplicity and compassion can go a long way.

For the uninformed, Rupali began acting at the age of seven and is also a fantastic dancer in addition to being an exceptional actor. People are more likely to connect with her since she appears to be genuine and personable. She is humble beyond words and there is no starry air around her.

Interesting Facts about Rupali Ganguly

1) Anil Ganguly, Rupali’s father, is a well-known director. She was trained in acting from the time she was a child because her father worked in the profession. She also appears in her father’s film Balidan as a child artist.

2) Rupali went on to study Hotel Management after finishing her education. She opened an advertising agency in Mumbai in the year 2000.

3) Rupali recently confessed that her ultimate desire has always been to marry, settle down, and start a family. She told the journalists, “Mera aspiration tha shaadi karke bacha paida karna.”

4) Rupali had a lot of pregnancy-related issues before she got pregnant. She has frequently stated that the birth of her son was a “miracle” for her. Her son Rudransh was born in 2015.

5) The actress struggled with body image issues and was heavily chastised after gaining weight after giving birth. She couldn’t look at herself because her body had transformed. I wouldn’t leave the house for fear of what others would say. She stated this in an interview with a prevalent entertainment website.

6) After gaining weight after giving child, the actress struggled with body image issues and was harshly scolded. She was not able to look at herself because of the changes in her body. “I couldn’t leave the house because I was afraid of what people would say.” Why would anyone want to look at me if I couldn’t even look in the mirror?” In an interview with a major entertainment website, Rupali stated this.

Rupali Ganguli always had her best performances and she is loved in all the character role she played. From all the loved characters, ‘Anupama‘ is Rupali Ganguly famous role of achieving great fan following.



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