Importance of thumb in palmistry
Importance of thumb in palmistry

See what thumb reveals to a palmist?

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It is known to every one of us that palmistry is the study of hand which includes study of palm, types of hands, nails, fingers and thumb. Let us see how a palmist looks the future studying only thumb. The thumb is considered as the root of the whole hand and it is said that man’s face is the reflection of his life and the thumb reflects on the individuality of a person. The thumb seems to be more powerful than fingers in the hand. Palmistry has accepted the significance of the thumb as of paramount importance. The thumb is considered as the center of the will power.

When a palmists study your thumb he can study your nature, character and ideas by looking your thumb.

The human thumb can be divided into three kinds in palmistry:

  • Thumbs which makes an obtuse angle in conjunction with the index finger of the palm.
  • Thumbs which make a right angle in conjunction with the index finger.
  • Thumbs which form an acute angles in conjunction with the index finger on the palm.

Obtuse-Angled Thumb:

Obtuse angle thumb means thumbs which are very free and far from the fingers. Such thumbs are well formed, long and thin. Persons who are having such thumbs on their palm are gentle and sweet tempered. They are artists and musicians and do practical and useful work in society. They have the tendency to fight against their struggles and succeed in their lives with their hard efforts.
If the person has obtuse angled thumb but it is very long which exceeds the second phalange of the index finger then it is considered inauspicious one. Such a person behaves as a fool and cannot succeed in life. The person is wise, clever and art lover who has normal length of thumb. This person first has priority to their responsibilities than for themselves. These persons have less number of friends but all those he have help at the time of need.

Right-Angled Thumb:

Thumbs which form a right angle with the index finger are considered as Right Angled Thumbs. These thumbs are elegant, strong and hard to bend.

According to Dr. Narayan Dutt Srimali such persons believe more in doing work than wasting time in gossips. Though they are of very short temperament they cool down as quickly as they get angry. Under any condition they can manage to control their anger and does not harm anyone. Such person strictly stick towards their words. Such person can either be good friend or good enemy. Such persons are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the country or society and are strong minded.

Acute-Angled Thumb:

Thumbs which make an acute angle at the joint with the index finger come under this category. The length of such thumbs is less and they are clumsy to look at. Such thumbs are classed as of evil quality.

Persons having such thumbs are lazy in nature and have frustrating feelings in their lives. They are cluttered with bad companies and they acquire bad habit and evil deeds in their life. They are less interested in religion or pious actions. They are somewhat inclined towards ghosts, spirits, god and goddesses etc. and take pleasure in deeds of low standards. Such persons think negative and don’t want to improve themselves. They live their life in their way and don’t bother for any one.
These are different types of thumb which gives information about the person character. In the next palmistry post we will see different parts of a thumb and what all the parts reveal about to a palmist.


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