Significance of Lord Ganesha Trunk Direction – left or right

Significance of Lord Ganesha Trunk Route – left or right

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Lord Ganesha is without doubt one of the hottest Hindu gods. He’s worshiped virtually throughout India and his blessings are taken earlier than beginning any auspicious work.

Lord Ganesha can be identified for eradicating obstacles from life. Ganesha additionally bestows materials prosperity and knowledge on his devotees.

Many devotees maintain Lord Ganesha statue at dwelling for worship. In case you are additionally planning to purchase Lord Ganesha statue then pay particular care to the path of Lord Ganesha’s trunk.

ganesha carvings in ganpatipule temple
Ganesha carvings in Ganpatipule temple in Maharashtra

Lord Ganesha trunk could possibly be on the left aspect, proper aspect or within the center. The important thing to judging the Lord Ganesha statue because the left-oriented or proper oriented statue is to see the path which Ganesha trunk has taken to start with (don’t see the path by which Ganesha trunk is pointing in the long run).

Usually Ganesha trunk will likely be virtually straight after which in the long run portion, it’s going to flip left or proper or on uncommon events will likely be straight.

So if the trunk is popping to the left aspect to start with then it’s left sided Ganesha statue and if the trunk is popping to the appropriate aspect to start with then it’s proper sided Ganesha Statue. It doesn’t matter if the trunk turns to another aspect in the long run.

We solely need to see the start of the curve which Lord Ganesha Statue trunk takes and never the top of the curve.

Significance of Lord Ganesha trunk path – left or proper

significance of lord ganesha trunk direction

1. Lord Ganesha trunk on the left aspect – For homeowners, it’s strongly advisable to maintain left sided Ganesha statue at dwelling. Left sided Ganesha statues are believed to be representing Ida Nadi which is extra cooling aspect or you’ll be able to relate it to the moon power. It’s extra female, cooling, nourishing and stress-free power.

Additionally it is believed that for the family function, The Ganesha statue must be in sitting place in order that the god stays in your house. Whereas for pandals (Throughout Ganesha Chaturthi competition), it could possibly be a standing place.

I consider, that if you wish to maintain Ganesha statue within the dwelling for materials prosperity then the trunk must be touching or near the laddu. As a result of it represents that Ganesha is having its favourite meals in his hand and can provide the prasad to his devotees additionally.

Right here the laddu represents materials acquire and prosperity. If you wish to have non secular knowledge or non secular bliss or wish to develop spiritually then the trunk must be near or touching the Modak. You can too refer this publish – Symbolism of Lord Ganesha Statue.

2. Lord Ganesha trunk on the appropriate aspect – That is usually the case with Ganesha statues in temples. As a result of it’s good to worship the Ganesha statue with proper sided trunk as per appropriate rituals on every single day. Any severe mistake in ritual can deliver the wrath of the deity.

The Ganesha statue with trunk on the appropriate aspect known as as ‘Siddhi Vinayaka‘ as a result of if worshiped accurately then it may give fast outcomes or siddhis. For those who occur to go to Mumbai then do go to the well-known Siddhi Vinayak temple. It’s identified for fulfilling the needs of these individuals who pray with sincerity and intense devotion.

Proper sided Ganesha statue is believed to be representing your Pingala Nadi which is expounded with the solar power. It’s masculine and has fiery nature however may give fast outcomes. If the hearth is used correctly it cook dinner your meals and the identical hearth factor can even assist you to digest meals in your abdomen. Nonetheless, the identical hearth can burn you additionally, if dealt with improperly. So self-discipline, sincerity in devotion and worship is necessary for Ganesha statue with right-side trunk.

You must observe the rituals correctly if you wish to have proper sided Ganesha Statue in your house or in your pooja place.

I’ve learn the guide of Pandit Gopi Krishna whose kundalini shakti was activated from Solar (Pingala) Nadi and he received into loads of bother. After struggling for a few years, he was lastly in a position to activate his moon (Ida) Nadi to deliver coolness to his head which balanced the hearth of already activated Pingala Nadi and he was lastly relieved from an excessive amount of warmth in his physique.

3. Lord Ganesha trunk is going through straight ahead – It signifies that the Sushumna Nadi is completely open. Such idols are very uncommon and particular. Much more particular is the trunk the place the trunk is swung upright within the air. It means the kundalini shakti has reached the Sahasrara (crown chakra) completely.

Additionally, keep in mind in thoughts that Ganesha is a sattvic deity. So keep away from having non-veg meals at dwelling. Create a pure and satvic setting at dwelling.

The favourite meals of Lord Ganesha is Modak and Laddu. Everytime you plan to make prasad for Ganesha then make it with loads of devotion and purity. By no means style the meals that’s meant to be supplied to Lord Ganesha.

As soon as Ganesha has taken the prasad then solely you’ll be able to eat the meals as a prasad. Secondly, keep away from including onions and garlic to the meals which is supposed to be supplied to Lord Ganesha.



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