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Each and every person loves Smartphone. With advanced computer capabilities and other features Smart phones have quickly gained popularity. Even little kids are using Smartphone’s with ease.
Parents, teachers, and guardians need to be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of a child having his or her own cell phone before allowing them to use it at their own will.
The most common selling Smart phones in India are Oppo and Vivo. Smart phone is a very useful device but can be hazardous when used in excess and without care. Some of the pros and cons of using smart phones are:


  • Smartphone is a great communication tool. Voice call is a benefit of Smartphone. Instant messaging is another way to keep in touch. In Earlier days, it took 2-3 days for people to send any message via regular post, but now it just takes few seconds to send any message. It’s on your finger tips.
  • Online shopping, studies, banking, etc have taken place which makes the whole work a lot easy. We can do anything just by sitting at home.
  • People miss each other but can’t see because of many reasons. A new technology of video calling is possible through different apps. We can video call with friends family, relatives, and can connect with anyone in just few seconds. Miles separate people but smart phones keep them connected.
  • Sending emails have become easy because of smart phones.
  • Some cell phones have tracking devices in which a parent or guardian can track where their child is to ensure that they are safe and where they are supposed to be at any moment.
  • If you want to see a movie or want to watch your favorite show, or any other video it is possible through Smartphone.
  • Around the world’s news to latest weather updates, even navigating on road has become easy due to smart phones.
  • Smart phones cameras have become more advanced over the years. Most importantly, young girls and ladies can take a perfect picture whether its landscape, portrait or even a selfie. Video recording has also become very popular.


  • Family time gets lost due to Smartphone. Everyone in the family gets busy on their phone and don’t have time for family. Communication is done only on phone rather than talking face to face.
  • Kids are distracted by phones and can’t study well. They lose their concentration on daily work and spend more time on social media chatting with friends and waste much of their time.
  • Kids play games in phone only and forget to play outdoor games. These effects seriously on their health.
  • Accidents can occur when using phone for texting or calling while driving or walking on the streets.
  • Keeping phone near you while sleeping can adversely affect your health due to the harmful radiations the phone emits.

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