Soft toys good or bad for kids?

TOYS are a sort of happiness for kid’s. Their life is all around the toys with different colors and music. Among all other toys, love for soft toys is something different. Who can control himself to love soft toys like teddy bear? Its colors and it softness is having different charm and it attract us to. A kind of pleasure is felt on touching its velvety furs. Other toys are mostly loved by kid’s only whereas Soft toys and specially teddy bear are also meant for youngster. Teddy bear is having good demand in valentine day. This is a lovely gift girls waiting for.

If we talk about soft toys for kid’s, many types are available in this market. Dolls, candies, teddies, etc are some off them. Nowadays Doramon, dogs, lions etc are also stuffed toys available in the market. Small kids spend good time with that.

But many parents do not like to give soft toys to their kid’s. There is a big question, why they do not like their kids to play with soft toys? The reason is for safety purpose. Yes, they being soft would not harm it physically but as they are made up of fur or clothes they become dirty. They are not everyday washed. The dirt and dust stick to the toys can infect the child. Small kids do take these toys in their mouth while playing, through which all the dirt stick in the toys can enter in their kid’s stomach. This brings illness to their kids. This theory of parent is true but not acceptable.

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Today we are living a busy life and can’t give full time to our kids. In such situation soft toys plays a role of a family member. They spend time playing with that toy, they talk with them, feed them artificially, make them sleep and take in their arms and move from one room to another. They treat them as a friend, sister or brother. So not giving this toy to your kid means to keep them far from their happiness.

Soft toys or stuff toys are a necessity for working women’s. When husband and wife both are working and keeping their kid at home with the care taker, they find soft toys blessings. As their kids being alone needs them and search them all over their house, and if cant control then they cry. So this soft toy helps them to divert their mind.
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Again these toys make kids to learn everything faster. They learn to eat bard on their own by giving their bites to their teddy and then to themselves. They share bed with them and so learn to sleep playing with them. They learn to talk by full day talking with them. So it is better, let the kids play with these toys and make them feel happy.