Study different parts of our THUMB.

In the previous palmistry post “See what thumb reveals to a Palmist?” we had seen three different types of thumb according to the angle formed with the fingers and now we are going to see three different divisions of the thumb.

Our thumb is having three parts: first one is stuck to the nails, second one is the middle part and the third one is attached to the mount of Venus. The first part is known as first Phalange or “Ardha Bhaga” the middle part is known as the second Phalange and the lower part is known as the lower part. The Palmist while reading hand notices these different parts minutely and can judge according to the size of these different parts.

First Phalange

If upper part of the thumb is longer than the second part then that person will have strong will power. That man can take his decisions independently. Such persons love always to be independent and can’t work under subordination. They have strong and attractive personality in the society. They strongly believe in the religion.

If the first and second phalanges of the thumb is equal and thick, than the person is having respectful position in the society. Such persons are clever and no one can cheat them, neither have nature to cheat anyone. They have friendly nature and strongly face any kind of difficulties with a smiling face.

Second Phalange

This part of the thumb indicates the reasoning power. If the second phalange is bigger and stronger than the first, the man has then strong reasoning power and can’t let anyone stand in front of his logics. Such people face difficulties as they strongly believe in their own logics and can’t adjust with anyone. They do not get much respect in the society as they always search faults in others.

Persons having both first and second phalanges equal in length, width and thickness then they are calm in nature. They do not get hyper excited with any of the situation they faces, neither with their tensions in life nor with excitements in life. Such persons have absolute self confidence in them and carry responsible work in government or acknowledged artists.

Persons whose second phalange is thinner and weaker comparing to the first one are those who depend on others for decisions. They like to work under guidance of others and are not self independent. They are fickle minded in quarrelsome in nature and can’t work without their planning and that results into failure.

Third Part

This part is not called phalange as this is the place of Venus. This part is more prominent and elegant. Person whose Venus is prominent, elegant and has pink tinge is well advance in love matters and affections. Such persons are having more popularity among friends and receive a respectful position in the society. They believe in their own efforts and get success in their life.

If the mount of Venus is very protruded then such persons always run after beauty. They are very emotional and can do anything for their love. If this mount of Venus is less prominent, have net like lines then such person is of frustrated temperament. His love is not a pure love and is hidden selfish in nature. His life is full of struggles and faces too many obstacles in their married life.