Say No Politely!

What if we are always facing refusals in our lives? We definitely get depressed and loose the charm of living life. Who would love to get neglected and mistreated every time? No one on this earth would want to go through this feeling. There are times when you have to say ‘No’, especially when it […]

Change – A part of life

Every day we follow our daily routine, starting our morning with beautiful sunshine having a tea or coffee with breakfast, lunch at noon and dinner with the shining moon, doing the same chores every day. But do we have trouble following the same schedule? Everyone wants to change their life and want to get things […]

Feeling Disappointed.

Previous Chapter Razia was trying her best to make Junaid understand the depth of their relationship. But Junaid wasn’t keen to realize, and desired that his wish and demands should be fulfilled by Razia. He said, “You have done a big mistake which can’t be forgiven. You are my wife and you have to do […]