Kidney Beans: The Healthiest Protein Rich Food

Kidney beans or Rajma in India, are famous in North Indian Cuisine. Rajma Chawal or Rajma curry of Punjab has mouth watering spicy taste that everyone loves the most. Peerah the place in Jammu, is also famous for Rajma Chawal for its spicy tastes. Beyond taste, one should always look towards the health benefits of […]

Amazing Vows for a New Beginning

Happy New Year to all our readers. May this year bring happiness, friendship, and prosperity to all our families People all over the world celebrate January 1st as New Year with great enthusiasm and cheer. They welcome the New Year with music and dance, and they party all night just to welcome the beginning of […]

Introducing Solid Foods to Babies

Introducing solid foods to babies is not done until they are six months. Until six months babies should be exclusively breast feed as mother’s milk supplies all the nutrients the baby needs. For the first few months it’s hard for babies to swallow and digest any solid foods, as their digestive system is not mature […]

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Walnuts are one of Mother Nature’s creative formations.They are part of the tree nut family. Tree nuts like cashews, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, and hazelnuts, are also included in this family. Walnuts are like a hard spherical ball that is the fruit of a walnut tree. The shell is wrinkly and […]

Smart phone

Each and every person loves Smartphone. With advanced computer capabilities and other features Smart phones have quickly gained popularity. Even little kids are using Smartphone’s with ease. Parents, teachers, and guardians need to be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of a child having his or her own cell phone before allowing them […]

Yoga and it’s principles

Yoga is necessary for our body, mind and health. We have five basic types of Yoga’s as mentioned below. Jnana Yoga The Yoga of knowledge, using meditation for Self-realisation.This is also known as Gyana Yoga. It is based on the principles of   Vedanta ( Vedic knowkedge). In this Yogis searches only the Truth, Where […]