Kulfi – A Summer’s Delight

Kulfi is a Summer Delight. Kulfi is an Indian frozen dessert that is just like ice creams, however, it is more dense and creamier. It is traditionally prepared by evaporating milk and sugar until it thickens and to make it more appetizing, the most delicious flavors are added to the milk ranging from fruits, nuts, […]

Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Bengaluru

One of the very famous Botanical Gardens of India is the Lalbagh Botanical Garden at Bengaluru. This megacity also referred as the Silicon Valley of India is the home to many IT companies like ISRO, Infosys, Wipro and HAL. Also, there are many educational and research institutions. The Lalbagh botonical Garden known as the Red […]

Rituals that can’t be tolerated in a Hindu Marriage

Some unbearable customs happily going on… Hinduism is much more a culture then religion. There are various customs and traditions following in different parts of the country ‘India’. Each and every custom have its deep meaning. Performing all the customs makes a family and relatives happy, somewhere the one himself also gets pleased to complete […]