Life is a rainbow, It will make you feel low. It will have many flaws that make u cry, But you need to get strong to keep on try. There will be a time when everything seems to get messed up, But that would be the time when you learn to grow up. There will […]

Never Give Up

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. There are some dark nights too. But when it’s dark, there are stars shining brightly up in the sky. There are new hopes, new beginnings, and a new sunshine to brighten your day. There might be days when you’ll feel there is no love, no happiness for you. […]

Self-Belief comes from within!

The crowd awaits. He feels frightened, everyone’s staring at him. He mounts the stage, picks up the paper but fails to comprehend the words. He stutters while he speaks causing uproar of murmurings within his audience. He had studied for this day, day and night he did. He was all set and ready to deliver […]

Finding Real Happiness

The key to a blissful life is happiness. And to attain happiness, you need to enjoy your life. People strive to become happy throughout their lives, some get it and some still wait for it. The prospect of happiness is different for each and every person on this earth. Some find happiness in getting a […]

Say No Politely!

What if we are always facing refusals in our lives? We definitely get depressed and loose the charm of living life. Who would love to get neglected and mistreated every time? No one on this earth would want to go through this feeling. There are times when you have to say ‘No’, especially when it […]

Life of Jasuben: A Real Story

Hawkers unknowingly play an important role in our lives. They bring us goods right at our door whether its fruits, vegetables, flowers, milk or newspaper; the list is endless. But many of these hawkers have to struggle hard to earn their living. They spend more than 12 hours every day doing their job but still […]