Television Ads that Emotionally Delivers Love on Rakhi

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This Raksha Bandhan I would like to thank all the advertise companies for their special Ads on Rakhi. Advertisement is a medium of spreading more information of the product and a source of more likelihood to the people. Though this is a business but some Ads spread love and bring happiness in the family. A small Ad always touches the emotions and spread a layer of joy when it is related to festival just like Ads on rakhi.

Rakhi is a special festival of brother and sister which brings great bonding between them. This increases love, care, and responsibility for each other. This festive is specially celebrated with the deep intention of protecting sister from every uneven circumstance. This is one kind of oath taken by brother for their sister’s to be with her to fight against any bad situation. This festival is a symbol of their love, a remembrance of childhood, responsibility, and respect for each other.

Television ads emotionally insist every sister to demand gifts from their brother and brother gets a chance to tease their sister. This is a beautiful scene where every sister asks presents and gifts from her brother and in return he negotiates with her demands or surprisingly he plans something special for his dearest sister. This cheer and enjoyment is filled in real life amongst them and with such Ads they get the zeal to do something more special and make a cherishing moment. Here are some special TV Ads which emotionally touches our heart.

  1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Bubbly “Raksha Bandhan”: This Ad delivers the true love with a little bit of naughtiness amongst both but deep love from within. This is a simple Ad which I really love to watch and remember my old days.


  1. “Chal Udate Hain” Castrol Active Scooter: This Ad is very special to me as in this Ad a brother notices every little change in her sister, and he compliments her and makes her feel that she is very special.


  1. “Cadbury Celebration” Rakhi TV Ad: This Ad brings childhood in young age though the behavior is presented as a Royal Family where body language works strictly like Maharaja’s but the inner brother and sisterhood shows off and then they celebrate with the beautiful festival with cheer and laughter.


  1. “Deliver the Love” Raksha Bandhan Special: This Ad is again special to me which remind us that however old we may be, but the brother and sister love will remain same and no money can buy the real happiness to his sister but only the childhood memories can bring happiness and smile to her face.