The concerned wife.

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Razia was taking good care of Junaid at the hospital. For the next couple of days, she was there for him day and night. She decided to take Junaid to the guest house till he recovers completely. Junaid resisted initially but had no other choice. So, he went along with her in hope to see her daughters Heena & Tasneem.

As they reached home, both the girls were happy to see their dad after such a long time. Junaid couldn’t control his emotions. His eyes welled up with tears. He hugged both his daughters. He said, “My dear daughters, how have you been? I missed you so much.” He hugged them both. The girls welcomed him to a room decorated with flowers, balloons and a beautiful gift for him. Razia said, “first let your dad rest for a while, he must be tired. Later he’ll talk to you both.” She laid him on the bed.

Junaid said, “I’ll rest after sometime, first I want to talk to Heena & Tasneem. Why don’t you both come and sit here? Come to me.” The girls had never seen him talking in such a loving and polite way. Razia too was surprised to see the change in Junaid. Carefully he unwrap the gift given by his girls. It was a beautiful picture frame of all four of them. Junaid knew that both of them are missing him badly. He wanted to say many things but didn’t have the courage to speak. He ill-treated them before, never talked to them nicely. But despite of all these, they care for him. Love and respect him. He realized the importance of daughters. He understood that, his daughters only need unconditional love from him.

Razia did her best to look after Junaid. She fed him bard and gave him his medicines. She was kind and considerate. She tried to fulfill all his needs. But this is not what Junaid expected Razia to do. He thought that she’ll never talk to him after that day but instead she is caring and loyal. He thought, “When Razia was terribly sick during Tasneem’s birth, I didn’t even ask her how she was feeling. She needed me the most at that time but I didn’t even care for her; or her feelings. I have been always angry and rude to her all my life. But she is still the same. She has always been there for me through my good and bad times. She fulfilled all her vows but I didn’t.”

Few days passed and Junaid was feeling much better than before. But he knew that in few days he has to go back to his home where he will be all alone. Razia took great care of Junaid till he was completely alright. And she did it wholeheartedly not just because he is her husband, but because she still loved him.


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