The Everlasting Love

HOPE Changes Everything
Part 5: The Everlasting Love

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Aditi was stress-free as his brother was supporting them. Gautam said, “It’s difficult to help Razia all alone, you need to plan a way out so that Junaid realizes his mistake. Why don’t you ask help from your friends? I am sure; together we can overcome with this problem and help Razia. ”

The first person whom Aditi was thinking about was ‘Rishi’, the everlasting love of her life. She remembered the promise Rishi had given to her. One early morning, they both were having a walk in the garden. Holding Aditi’s hand, Rishi expressed his feelings to her. He said, “Aditi, you are my life. You are the one whom I trust more than myself. You know how much I care about you and I…I LOVE YOU so much. I will be always standing by your side.” She was very happy since then.

She was spending the best time of her life with him. Both loved each other very much. Each day their love was blooming with beautiful colors. They both understood each other very well. Their relationship was so pure and deep that they both shared the same thought and even dreams at the same time. Their likes and dislikes were all same. Each one of them knew the others choice, whether it was eating bard at the restaurant or shopping. They always made each other feel special by giving small surprises.

The everlasting love and trust between them was growing strong. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Aditi and Rishi both had the feeling of strength and courage with each other’s presence.

Aditi was dreaming about Rishi when the ward boy came to call her. He said, “Madam…Aditi madam, Gautam Sir is calling you in his cabin.” Aditi simply reacted, but the ward boy again called her “its urgent Madam”. Aditi had several bad thoughts about Razia. She rushed to Gautam’s cabin to see whether everything was alright. But Gautam had something shocking to reveal. Gautam informed Aditi about Tanya’s Mom.