The love that last’s forever!

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Next evening, Mayra & Razia go to meet Tanya at her house. Even Gautam & Aditi were to join them. They wanted to talk to Tanya about letting Razia join her boutique so she can practice her skills. Gautam was on his way to Tanya’s house, but he got stuck in the traffic. He informed Tanya that he will be late. All were waiting for Aditi and suddenly they got a call from her “I will be late why don’t you continue.” Gautam arrived there in a short time.

Mayra tells Tanya, “We all have gathered here to ask a favor from you. We have been helping Razia so that she unites with her family but now things have got worse. As Junaid is not trying to understand anything, Razia have to stand on her own now. She needs to start looking for some job. And for this we need you to help her.” Gautam said, “I have seen how Junaid treated her that day, he is very conservative and thinks Razia as his slave. It will be a great help if you can place Razia in your boutique so that she can learn something new and practice her skills.”

As soon as Aditi was about to leave the clinic, she got a call from unknown number. She was unaware of the blissful situation coming her way. She received the call saying, “Hello. Who is it?” And it was none other than Rishi. He said, “Aditi! It’s me.” Aditi was surprised to hear his voice. She replied asking, “Rishi is that really you?” “Yes, it’s me Aditi. Please say something. I just want to hear you. How have you been?” Rishi answered. Aditi was overjoyed hearing him. She was speechless. Aditi said, “Rishi are you back? Where are you? I am coming right now to meet you. I have been missing you so much.”

Rishi said that he is still in London and will be back very soon. He had gone there for his further studies. They often communicated via phone and internet but as time passed they both got so busy with their work that, they couldn’t talk for months. Aditi was excited to hear that he is coming soon. He was coming back after a long duration of 4 years. She remembered the promise Rishi made before going to London. He promised her saying, “Aditi, I have to go. So that one day I can come back and marry you. I have to be self dependent and capable of you. Whatever life may bring, I will love you and care for you always. No one can ever take your place in my heart. The day I will return I will ask your hand from your parents.”


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