Top 10 Indian leading brand of kids wear

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Fashion and Style are pronounced from the attire in our wardrobe collection and we always choose the best one. So we are very much well known to our outfit brands which we find supreme to give a stunning and dashing look. But, do these brands are made only for men, women and teenagers? No, we do have numbers of kids Wear brands and so the parents who are stylish have not to compromise for their kids style, they can choose the best brand for them.

Every parent wants to see their child in modish look and so they search for the latest brands with unique pattern and designs for their kids. Here you have top 10 leading brands in kids wear in India let us see and choose the best for our kid.


The little kangaroos are a leading brand for kids in India. It has different collections with different designs for your kids. The brand little kangaroos take care of your children because they only use soft fabrics and soft pastels while designing dresses for little ones. Those are very comfortable for every child up to them get 10 years of age. The price is also very affordable every parent should try this brand for their kids.


This brand was completely associated with kid’s fashion. Gini & Jony is a leading kid clothing brand with about 200 exclusive outlets. This brand is popular for its bright and colorful kid’s apparels. This brand was introduced by Lakhani brothers in the year of 1980. Every child must feel relaxed in Gini & Jony outfits.


This Lilliput kid’s wear clothing brand offers very stylish and new patterns which are affordable by every parent and children. This brand was introduced in the year 2003 and the headquarters was built in New Delhi. Lilliput premium brand supplies clothes for all ages of kids. So everyone must try.


Max is also a famous kid clothing brand which was affordable by every parent. This brand was launched in the year 2004 and now it was present in 19 countries. Max brand should believe in more fashion and more value. It is very responsible for your kids. Max also provides e-commerce site to make your shopping simple and pleasant. You may visit the max store at various malls in India.


The cucumber brand was established in the year 2001 and it is a part of cotton HP Pvt Ltd. It is famous for its attractive designs and attractive prints. Cucumber won the title of India’s largest selling brand in kids clothing. The bright color designs are very attractive and kids must fall in love with the patterns which are manufactured by the cucumber.


The Baby hug brand provides a wide range of products for your kids from newly born babies to kids. This brand is very popular in clothing for newborn babies. They are used special and soft fabrics for children because the newly born babies are very sensitive so that they choose and use a very lightweight fabric which gives more comfort like mother’s womb. You will adopt this brand from your day baby to grown-up kid. It also having online shopping site so you can make shopping from your home simply itself.


Mostly kids easily get addicted to cartoon pictures and they have enjoyed and fun in it. This brand provides exclusive clothes with different cartoon pictures how exactly the kids like. These outfits will definitely help you and make your kids as the center of attraction. Cartoon network provides clothes with nice and soft fabric so that your children did not get any uncomfortable feeling when they wear. Children’s are easily getting understood any topic by seeing pictures or images more than we say. So cartoon pictures are inspirable.


CHICCO is a very popular brand which is a presence in nearly 120 countries. Make your little charms like a prince or princess in everyone’s look by wearing Chicco brand clothes. They give a perfect outfit for every kid and also this brand offers a more variety of designs which are newly invented. Chicco completely involves with parents for their children growth by providing suitable clothes and baby products also. So make start journey with Chicco and experience great results.


If you are having a little girl as a child then don’t be afraid to follow pink cow fashions products because they are providing a various variety of dresses which helps your girl looks like a princess. The pink love fashions designer introduces both party wear and formal wear dresses for kids with the excellent quality so every parent must trust this brand and do follow. This brand offers prints with fun and dazzling look those are suitable for children’s and they also love to wear such designs.


It is a well-known brand which provides trendy and fashion clothes for all ages of children. Ruff provides its products in bright and vivid patterns with simple and elegant designs so you will find any type of collection. Ruff is a trendsetter brand in kids wear.

Charm your kids from these top brands. These are definitely helpful for every parent who loves to style their children as a little prince or princess. Do follow any of these brands and make your wish come true.

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