Top 5 Indian Brands of Jackets

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Winter is the season when each one of us needs some warm and cozy jackets to stand that freezing cold. Dressing in style has always been the trend among the folks. Seasons pass by, and so do fashions. Each passing season brings in the latest trend in the fashion industry. This style brings in the confidence and will change the entire perspective of seeing things. And when one decides to be a fashionista, they select the best brand available in the market that complies with the requirements of that product. These brands are not just limited to cosmetics, clothing, and accessories, but can also be easily noticed in footwear and Woolen Wears.

Jackets are one of the basic garments that are much needed during the cool winters. Some jackets just provide the sole purpose of it to be warm, while others make them look more classy and elegant. There are many companies in India, that makes Winter Jackets and of the highest quality. They are highly durable and with the latest style and designs, they have made a permanent place in the closet. With the International brands gaining more popularity in India, there are some Indian brands of Jackets too, who has made its name in the market.

Monte Carlo:

Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd, which emerged in the year 1949 in Ludhiana, is a big name in the Indian market for woolen wears. Initially, it focused on hosiery and textile fabrics. But later in the year 1984, it launched a branded garment industry in India named Monte Carlo. Being the leader in the country, Oswal Woolen Mills Ltd made Monte Carlo as the all season brand by entering into cotton segments. Monte Carlo is well-known for woolen knitwear and jackets, hosiery, shirts, pants, denim, and all types of cotton garments for men, women, and tweens. Monte Carlo makes good quality jackets with varied varieties to give you the style as well as the warmth, much needed during the cold season.

Indian Terrain:

Indian Terrain Fashion Ltd was established in the year 2000 by Venky Rajgopal with the target of offering workwear and smart-casual wears to men in India. This company offers shirts, t-shirts, trousers, denim and also woolen wear such as sweaters and jackets. The company tailored just for men, but after the increasing demand for casual wear for boys, the company introduced a brand in September 2015 called as ‘Indian Terrain BOY’. And just after one year, the company even came out with some selected style in footwear under the label “Indian Terrain Footwear’. This brand provides you the best fabric quality which makes you feel comfortable.

Fort Collins:

Fort Collins comes under the group of Indra Hosiery Mills, the largest manufacturers of jackets in India since 1954. This brand is the trendsetter in the fields of coats and jackets. With the change in fashion trends, the group manufactures stylish and fashionable outfits that make them different from other companies. They IHM offer the best quality of jackets with an outstanding color combination, excellent designs, and above all unbeatable quality. Fort Collins makes more than 1000 new designs each year with beautiful looks and styles of jackets for men and women. These jackets will attract you with its trendy look and comfort at its best.


Spykar Lifestyles Pvt Ltd was founded in 1992 in Mumbai. This company offers jeans, shirts, T-shirts, trousers, and outerwear for men and women. It also offers cargos, joggers, innerwear, and jackets. Though Spykar is one of the best denim jeans brands, it also offers a versatile range of jackets to keep you warm during winters. These jackets are a combination of style, design, and fashion, and are loved by today’s youth.


The Duke Premium Lifestyle brand was launched in the year 1966, combining casualness and elegance. This brand offers a full range of clothing for men, women, and children. Influenced by the European fashion trends, this brand is truly a pure Indian fashion brand. Duke makes one of the best jackets in India. They are very comfy and light in weight, with great quality. These fashionable jackets will keep you warm during the chilling winter season and also make you look a style statement.

Apart from these brands, there are numerous Indian as well as International brands such as Park Avenue, Calvin Klein, Pepe Jeans, Puma, Allen Solly, Roadster, and Being Human The Salman Khan Foundation, that offers trendy jackets for men, women, and children. Whether it is Bomber, Leather, Denim, Motorcycle or a Blazer, these brands have some really good collection of jackets to choose from. They offer affordable yet luxurious style to cater your needs of style, luxury, and comfort. Stay warm these winters with some trendy jackets!!


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