Trick or Treat? Happy Halloween!!!

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Knock Knock!!! Trick or Treat!!!
Who’s there?
Witch who?
Witch do you want, Trick or Treat?

The spirit of Halloween can be seen everywhere, from streets to stores all decorated in orange, black and purple. Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve, is celebrated every year on 31st October in many countries to mark the day in remembrance of the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all those who were faithful departed. Both kids and adults are seen happily participating in different activities. People are seen decorating their houses and courtyards like a haunted house and graveyard.

Scaredy-cats, hanging bats, and giant spiders on their webs. Spooky skeletons, ghosts, witches, vampires, and zombies, all are ready to attack. Smiling Jack-o’-lanterns light the way, and a bowl of candies to be given away.

People are seen dressed up in their scary costumes. These costumes are based upon supernatural figures such as ghosts, skeletons, vampires, witches, and monsters. But nowadays young kids are seen dressed up as their favorite and popular characters from celebrities, fiction, cartoon models such as superheroes, ninjas, and princesses. Pumpkins are carved into glowing jack-o’-lanterns.

I was a total naive on my first Halloween here in the US, but gradually I knew how they celebrate this festival. My son gets super excited during Halloween. Do you know why? Coz he gets loads of candies on this day. He enjoys dressing up in his favorite superhero costume and then knocking doors and doors and going ‘Trick or Treat?’ and ‘Boo’.

Children go trick or treating after the dusk when it’s all dark and gloomy. They go house to house calling  “Trick or Treat?” and in return they get candies. And if no treat is given, then homeowners, Please be aware that these kids will trick you for sure. Often schools and communities organize Halloween events for kids to participate in such as fancy dress, games, dance, music, Halloween parade, and of course, there’ll be Halloween treat for kids. Kids do read tales of witches and ghosts at schools and at home during Halloween and adults like to watch horror movies. Halloween is enjoyed by kids the most as they get lots and lots of candies on this day. Some kids are often seen donating toys and candies with all the love to the underprivileged on this day. Isn’t that sweet? How thoughtful of these little kids who want to help others and with this act of kindness they bring smile and happiness on someone’s face.

The festival of Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in India over the last few years. Earlier, only Indian families that visited from the US or Europe had an idea about Halloween as it is widely popular there. Metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Delhi have started celebrating Halloweens in some schools, offices, and restaurants. Kids actively participate in Halloween themed arts and crafts project. They dress up themselves as their favorites characters and enjoy the spirit of Halloween, whereas, some restaurants organize Halloween parties with the spooky decor and sound effects, and creepy looking food items on their menu especially for Halloween. Prizes are distributed to the best makeup and costume. Young crowd is adventurous and always look for something new and different. They easily adapt to anything new they see or hear, either it is a festival or a trend. Just like New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day is celebrated with great cheer and enthusiasm, we can merely say that Halloween is making its presence in India.

Wish you a Spooky Halloween !!!

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