Vastu Shastra: North West Corner

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Vayavya kone is stated for North-west direction of the house. The Room in the North-West direction is considered as second option to be used as a Bedroom after South-West. The North-West room is considered ideal for Guest room. In the factory or industries the finished products are to be kept in the North-West corner.

North-West direction is the direction providing good fortune and long life. This direction is to be kept clean; if this direction is cluttered and corrupted then this direction will adversely affect the people living. Depression in North-West direction causes enmity and litigation.

Vastu Shastra: North West Corner.

The owner of this corner is “Vayu”, Human beings are in need of five types of Vayu they are pran, apan, Saman, vyan and udan. As it is powered by the element of Wind, the north-west is highly unstable. This direction is known for creating opportunities in life, and if used according to VastuShastra principles, it can take your career to immense heights. The negative effect of this direction is meaningless enmity and court cases. The incorrect usage of the north-west results in instability, indecision and diseases. It can also create a sense of restlessness among the residents of the building.

Vastu tips for North West direction room:

  • The North-West corner room is suggested for guest bed room. It is also a good location for storage in factories/industries as it helps in supply of materials.
  • An elevated floor in this direction can cause worry in higher education of children.
  • The North-West corner should be kept clean and uncluttered to get positive benefits of this direction.
  • The master bed room in this direction causes instability in income of the occupant.
  • Study room in this direction results in loss of memory, confusion and lack of concentration thus children’s looses their interest in studies.
  • If a married son occupies the north-west bedroom he is likely to move away from home. This area represents the Air element and does not provide stability in the structure. Hence it is not auspicious for couples to live. But the unmarried girls can be given this room.
  • This direction is best for bathroom as it is occupied by the air element and hence does not hamper the flow of subtle energies within the structure.
  • A kitchen in North-West direction is acceptable but it leads to mandatory expenditure.
  • A kitchen should not be kept in North direction as this direction is of Lord Kubera (God of wealth). Kitchen in this direction increases expenditure of family beyond expectations.Never face at West while cooking as it leads to health problems.

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