Wall of mirrors.

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Decorating wall with photo frame, live posters, unique clock, decorative lights are always being a part of living area. But there are some more option for our wall decoration. One of them is Mirror Collage. Yes, It means grouping of Mirror and that to on wall. Isn’t it seems interesting.

Edith Wharton Said:

There are two ways of spreading lights: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

This simple rule of reflecting lights in a darker side of the room can be manage with grouping of mirrors. Always staircase becomes deem in compare to other rooms, to give proper light mirror concept is a good one.Mirrors are of different types and that are placed differently on a wall.,

Wall of Mirrors


A large mirror in a small room creates illusion of depth, so don’t be scared to go for big. Placing a big mirror on the wall above the dinning room table will reflect the chandelier, or placing a mirror across the beloved piece of artwork doubles the image. Mirror brings brightness in the room and gives a spacious look to the room.

Wall of mirrors.


Again hanging mirror in front of windows is a good option for light. The light from the windows comes on the mirror hanged on opposite direction and reflects back which brings more brightness to the room.

If you have a small living room hanging a large mirror on a big wall will reflect light and makes the room appear to be large one.


In a smaller room, horizontal mirror is placed in a narrow hallway or staircase to widen the space to creates better flow from room to room and makes the room alive.

Wall of mirrors.


According to feng shui, it is not really good to have mirrors in bedroom at all. Any mirror facing bed interferes with your personal energy. It is said that it invites a third party into your intimate relationship. So placing a mirror in bedroom is a bad idea. Alternatively mirror placed over fireplace is a good idea. Mirror is a water element and placed over fireplace will makes balance. Thus it gives positive energy.


In Indian cinema, many times we had seen the magic of mirror. In Mugha-e-Azam we had seen beautiful mirror embellished Sheesh mahal. The same was tried in Bajirao Mastani. Where 20,000 intricately designed mirrors have been used to put the set together.


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