When kids spend too much of their time watching TV and Mobile???

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More than 80% of the population spends their time watching Television. Not only children but every house member is very much interested in watching televisions. Their favorite channel and show varies from person to person but TV is a must in everyone’s life. Seniors after certain age chooses this as the best option for their entertainment, working people feel TV as the best relaxing source. But what do we have to say about children? They are small enough to get stick to one place. A kid if doesn’t play and ideally sit at one place is something to worry about. Parents are often seen offering their smartphones so their kid, so they get busy and the parent can continue with their work. At what extent is this correct?

This is how the new generation is moving ahead. From a very young age kids are seen getting fond of these devices. Toddlers are seen watching rhymes and cartoons on Television and Smartphones. And parents think that rhymes are good for them and kids are learning, but they forget that they still need parents or family supports to understand everything. No doubt kids grasp very fast from TV but there should be a limit to it. Kids are seen having weak eyesight and getting glasses from a very young age due to getting screen time beyond limit. No doubt new HD television are zooming the image so it is not very harmful for children but sitting closer to it causes eyestrains.

Everything when used in extra always harms, whatever it may be; whether TV or Smartphone. When our child remains busy with that then they lose their precious time for other activities. They lack in good behavior and knowledge. No guests hosting is known to them and adjustment in any kind is far away from them. It becomes difficult for them to share and play in groups. They are habituated as their whole world lies only in those gadgets. They lose charm to attend any ritual celebrations and any outdoor picnic. And if they agree to go out with you, then you have to fulfill their request of using smartphone.

Watching TV or mobile for long duration will bring stress to our eyes. We don’t realize but getting too much of screen time can often get you with eye problems such as redness, dryness, irritation, sensitivity towards light and eye aches, blurred vision, watery eyes. Excess of mobile gaming can cause headache. TV watching from a close distance also causes eyestrain or fatigue.

A child learns more things from outdoor activities then by sitting at home in one corner and indulging him in any kind of cartoons or games. For brain development your child has to fix the time limit for TV and mobile games and give some time to other skill development like playing sports, learning language, creativity from wastes, colors, reading abilities.

Give some time to your kids, and help them learn. Play indoor games with them, do some art & craft, play their favorite sport, read some books, and try to keep them engaged in some sort of activity. This will not only help in developing their brain but also help them grow physically.

If you have any ways, idea or tips which helps to keep kids away from screen, then please do share us below in comments.


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