Why Grass Durva is said to be Lord Ganeshji’s Favorite?

Let us take a look towards grass durva how it should be offered, what it is the importance and why it is favorite for Lord Ganeshji? Durva grass is very important for Hindu rituals from Vedic times. It was used in various rituals in the worship of Ganeshji’s. Durva plant is a hardy plant and it is a great survivor, its roots are a long way down. Long grass also has flowers, but those are not used in rituals. If you pluck a bunch of grass and it regenerates easily this result makes it is a sign of regeneration, fertility, and rebirth. That is the reason behind the grass and is offered to Lord Ganeshji.

The durva grass has carried many stories. Some of the people say that the grass represents the lord Brahma hair some other people says it is the hair of the Lord Vishnu. One narrative related to Ramayana is the durva grass is the hair of goddess Sita as when Sita entered into the earth that time her husband Rama tried to hold her but he could catch only some bit of her hair. The hair turned as grass with hard nature and sharp edges. Sita said that this sacred grass was placed in between her and the evil-minded Ravana while during the war at Lanka. Also, she warned Ravana that you never cross this grass line if he crosses the line his head would burst into thousands of pieces. The durva grass line named as Sita Rekha and it stops the Ravana from crossing lines and come closer to Sita the wife of Ram.

Another story involved in the Ramayana. Ramayana says that the goddess Sita gave birth to a one boy child called Luv. One day Sita left the child in the presence of wise Valmiki and she went out to the forest to collect some flowers and firewood. While she is away from the child, the child wandered off. The wise Valmiki was getting tension when he is not finding the child that time he was made a doll with grass just like Luv by using his magical powers. Another Luv was named as Kush and he is a twin brother of Luv. That is how Sita has two sons.
Some say when Celestial river was churned a few drops of Amrita fell on the grass so that the grass became sacred. Another narrative is the pot of Amrita was kept on the durva grass so that it is getting famous.

Behind all these stories there is another popular and well-known story of durva grass. One day an evil-minded person called Analasura destroyed the villages and do harm to sages who are living there. The asura Analasura releasing fire from his eyes and makes damage or spoils whatever in his way. He was most powerful no one can control him. All the saints and sages are unable to control him. That time all gods requested Lord Ganeshji for his help to save sages. Ganeshji gives assurance for all sages and saints that he must finish off the Analasura and establish peace. Between Ganeshji and Analasura fight begins on the battlefield. Analasura was attacking Ganeshji with the fireballs which were coming from both his eyes and try to down Ganesh. At that moment Lord Ganeshji switches to his original form which was called “Virat Roop” and swallow off the Analasura. After the asura Analasura swallows of Lord Ganeshji felt restless due to heat inside the body. Ganeshji was extremely suffering from the heat inside, then the moon came to help Ganeshji and stood on his head. Therefore he named as “Bhalachandra”.

Lord Vishnu also came to help Ganeshji and gave his lotus to him to bring down the heat. Lord Shiva also came to help him and tied his cobra to Ganesh’s belly. All these trails are failed which are performed by those 3 gods. Finally, few sages or saints came with 21 stacks of durva grass and placed it on Ganesha’s head. Wonderly the heat comes down, the heat totally evaporated. At that moment Lord Ganeshji declared one thing that is whoever worships him with the grass durva will receive his blessings forever. So that durva was very famous and mostly liked by Lord Ganesh.

Durva is considered as a second sacred plant first sacred plant was Tulasi. Generally, durva grass was used in all rituals, but it is a particularly important thing when you perform Ganeshji rituals. Durva brings a pure spiritual mood and God should come closer to the devotee. If anyone worships the Lord Ganeshji with 21 stacks of durva grass, he listens to all your likes and wishes and does a favor. Durva is the main principle to attract Ganapati. Tied the durva grass together and dipped it in water for freshness and offer it to the lord’s feet first then offer it for rest of the body.