Why Indian Brides are mostly seen in Red Attire?

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Red color has always been an important color in Indian culture. The red color symbolizes passion, commitment, desire, anger, danger, attraction, and above all, LOVE. This beautiful color is always used to steal attention. Red color reflects its beauty when worn in a crowd. The only occasions where you’ll see red color around is Christmas, Valentine’s day and an Indian wedding. Red is the holiday color, as Santa is seen wearing a red suit. Red roses are given to express love on February 14, and not just women, but also men and kids are seen wearing red outfits on this very special day. A red color is believed to be a sign of purity, joy, and celebrations.

Red is a color of power, strength, and self-confidence. It is the color of blood which has many positive as well as negative emotions attached to it. Red brings in happiness and good luck according to Indian culture. This is the most favorable color among Indian women. Indian Hindu brides are always seen adoring red attire whether it may be a Saree, Punjabi Suit,  Salwar Kameez, Lehenga, Chaniya Choli or anything else during marriage rituals.

Due to the Bollywood trend, red color for brides has emerged very fast and has become an important part of the bridal dress from last few decades. Each region has its own unique color when it comes to wedding outfits. According to the Indian culture, red is an auspicious color.  But why not yellow, orange, or pink? Why Indian bride is seen mostly in Red Attire. Why is Red considered as a traditional festive color? We have gathered some interesting reasons that will surely make you choose red over any other color.

  • Attractive: Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day. So, she chooses a bright red color for her wedding dress. Red attire makes the bride look more attractive and charismatic. The bride looks gorgeous in the perfect red attire and jewelry.    
  • For all skin type:  Red is the color that suits to almost all skin tone. The bride looks beautiful in a red outfit, as it gives shine, and glows on every skin tone. And when combined with bridal hairstyle,  makeup, and heavy jewelry, the bride looks no less than a Royal Queen.
  • Good Combination:  Red is the color which makes a great combination with some other colors like silver, golden, green, dark blue, black, white, and orange. So the designer can create a number of varieties using such combinations and make the bride look more beautiful and attractive.
  • Photography: Red is a very rich and bright color. So, the pictures clicked in red are always awesome. Every bride wants to look gorgeous from inside out on her wedding day  and to make it a memorable one pictures ought to be perfect.
  • Belief:  It is believed that red is connected to the rising sun. According to astrology, the planet in charge of marriages known as ‘Mars’, is red in color.  Therefore, Hindu brides are asked to wear red during the wedding proceedings since it stands for prosperity and fertility.

Gujarati bride outfit consists of red and green ‘Gharjodu’ means Saree with red and green in color which is worn during their ‘Vidaay’- leaving her maternal house and going to her husband’s house. In Rajasthan ‘Ojariyu’ is worn during ‘Vidaay’ which is again a Red Bandhej. ‘Panetar’ is a wedding saree worn during the ‘Mangal Fera’ (The seven vows taken around the sacred fire) during marriage which is also in red and white combination. The trend of Panetar is in Gujarat and Rajasthan states of India. In some customs, the bride is seen wearing Red or golden ‘Chunri’ with the entire outfit of another color. A ‘Bengali bride’,  too prefers a nine-meter Banarasi Saree in red and white. Punjabi bride wears a heavy Punjabi suit or lehenga which is also in Red. Brides from other parts of India wear their traditional colors from green, white, yellow, and orange.

A red color is not just seen in their dresses, but red colored Bengals, Sindoor that a married woman  puts in the parting of her hair, and Bindi that she puts on her forehead between the two eyes is also a must for Indian brides. It is the symbolic color of love and passion. The newlywed bride steps into a new journey of her life with happiness and cheer.

The kind of colors available today are trendy compared to the traditional ones. A bride thus has lots of options on what colors to select for the most special day of her life. Today’s generation accepts the Indian tradition as well as tries the new modern trend. No matter which color they chose, Indian brides look flawless when it comes to beauty.


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    Vasundhra Singh says:

    I wanted to wear a golden lehnga on my wedding but settled for red at the last minute. So glad, I did that. It looks beautiful in photographs!

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    Ajay chander R says:

    Ofcourse Red is associated with Indian tradition but the foremost reason for kumkum is not just because only of ” love and passion ” . to create a focal point so the bride or married or any girls could not able to be seduced easily on what we call there as ” third eye “. Kumkum is just a foremark, Anyhow its a great article of other infos.

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    Sanchay Khatri says:

    Wow informative , actually this is the things I always think about, I will Show This To my mom she will be too amazed by knowing this Much facts. And By the Way Red Is Dominating Color Among All Colours That’s Why Most Of The Boxers too use red gloves huh! 😉

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      Girls Glamour says:

      Thank you Sanchay Khatri for reading this post. Please do share with your mom and let us know about her thoughts. There are some other useful posts that can be useful to her. Yes, Red is indeed a dominating color, but never knew about the boxing gloves.

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