Why relationship are not working these days?

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These day’s people are not having enduring relationship that lasts overtime through hardships and still be good with their loved ones. They love their partner and can’t face any problem hurting their spouse. They want their spouse to be happy. But not giving them time which leads misunderstanding. You might have noticed that a couple is not even having a time to talk with each other even they are sitting close to each other. Might be mobile games and chatting are more important for them.

Why relationship are not working these days?

We can say that love disappears in mobiles games and chatting, this brings gap between their relations.

These are some of the points taken in account for good going relationship:

Communicate with each other.

If you let know your partner about your likes or dislikes, your problems, busy schedule half of the arguments and fights reduces. As your talking will make him/her feel special and close to you. He/She will understand before the situation goes worst. So, communication is one of the best ways to reduce your problem level.

Settlement with the other.

If there is big discussion on something, both very well knows how to settle down the situation. One has has to agree with the other or give time to the problem and solve it calmly.

Promises done not to be broken.

If you had promised something to your spouse then get ready to fulfill it. And if you can’t keep your promise then don’t lie and make sure you will try to complete it.

Not to cheat.

Technology and social media had made it easier for the people to cheat. But flirting is a short time entertainment and a true love is for whole life.

Give time to your spouse.

Many people are so ambitious that they give their full attention to their work and don’t give time to their spouse. If you want smooth relation going then spend time with your partner and your family.

Limit to your expectation.

If your expectations are high and you want your partner to be perfect in all terms, this will not be easy for your partner to handle it. In that case both will have arguments and discussions, which will result in unhappy relationship.


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