Women’s Liberation – SC declares instant Triple Talaq ‘Unconstitutional’

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Many women go through this, but still, most of them don’t complain. I am talking about the abuse, violence, sexual harassment, rape, dowry and torture, and divorce happening in my country. Filling her eyes with tears and thinking that destiny can do no good to her. Women face all this throughout her life and are bound themselves to live such a miserable life luck. No matter any caste or religion, the number of women bearing torture is way higher than that of raising voice against crime. There are only few super strong women who have the courage to fight against violence. A recent law passed by the Supreme Court of India in support of the Muslim community suspending the ‘Triple Talaq’ – instant divorce. ‘Triple Talaq’ the major fear has been banned on date 22 August 2017 by the Indian Supreme Court.

‘Triple Talaq’ the ugliest law of Muslims to give instant divorce has ruined the lives of many women. According to this law, a Muslim man can legally give divorce by stating ‘Talaq’ three times together. Man when have simple problems in their marriage, they don’t try to solve it instead give instant talaq in anger. Saying ‘Talaq Talaq Talaq’ is not a big deal for them. Women in menstruation or in postpartum can’t be given talaq. After the divorce, the women have to pass the waiting time of three months called as an iddat. A waiting period was required before each pronouncement of talaq, during which reconciliation is attempted. This law was misused with the time and instant talaq is given not just oral or in written, but in recent times, it is also given by electronic means such as telephone, SMS, email or social media.

If after the talaq, man realizes his mistake and want’s her wife back, he can’t accept his divorced wife again. To accept her back there is a practice called ‘Nikah Halala’ to be undergone with. In this practice, his wife has to marry with other person and have sexual relationship with him. Then when other person gives her talaq she can again marry with her first husband. This is the worst law where ‘women get no justice.’ And for the benefit of man, women rights, respect, and values are smashed. No doubt how much big the family is, there is no one standing with the divorcee. A woman has to go through such hardships all by herself and she loses her family and all the relations. With this one law, her kids also have to suffer a lot. Its high time to bring the CHANGE in the society. Hope this law will bring relief and smile to women who face such difficult situation and are terrified of such customs.

Likewise some years ago, in Rajputana, marriage was considered only by giving ‘katar’ a dagger. We had recently seen this in the movie ‘Bajirao Mastani’ where Mastani offers her katar to Bajirao that means her marriage is considered. This was too an ugly custom of Rajput societies where men and women were unaware of their partner and marriage was considered. This too was banned in the 90s.

If we turn more pages of our history, we will find that the ‘Sati Pratha’ was also banned. This was again one of the worst laws for women. It was in the Hindu customs where women burnt herself after her husband’s death with his dead body. Some more dirty customs were there in the culture like ‘Child marriage’, ‘No widow marriage’ and ‘Dowry system’ which are abolished now.

Many rules and customs were made according to Man’s desire, but with the changing generation, everyone has changed their approach to deciding what is right and what is wrong. Today’s lifestyle is no more like before. Men and Women are treated equal and everyone should understand and follow this. A woman is the backbone of the family. She is considered as the woman luck and it is believed that if your wife is happy, the family will be happy. Show some love and respect to your wife, and that is what she wants.


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