Writing Strength of Indian Poetess.

Hand writing a letter with a goose feather

India is filled with many talents and are famous all over the world. Our singing, dancing, crafts, poems, literature’s and also our sculptures, Paintings, languages inspires people from other countries. Each and every person in itself is gifted with talent. Some have good caring talent and some have good friendship talent. some are stick to their words and have value to their tounge which alsways seems difficult for the one but it is also a tough point to stick with one statement and it is also a talent, but these are not counted as an achievements. Achievements are those which spreads some positivism towards our surroundings.

Let us talk about our Poet’s who also had a special place in our country and also some are famous worldwide. Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay (Bankim Chatterjee), Kalidas are some of our National poets of our earlier time and Jayanta Mahapatra, Sri Aurobindo, A.K Ramanujan, Keki N Daruwala and many more famous poets of India.There is a long list of poets who had a great achievments in their field and still we are very much known them from their poetries.

Also we can’t forget our poetesses having a vast knowledge of literature and their inspiring writing which has the power to unite the people and make people stand for the country. From our memories, if we talk about poetesses, we remember the name of Meerabai, Sarojini Naidu, Kamla Suraiya, Amrita Pritam, Subhadra Kumari Chauhan etc. are our famous poetesses.

List of famous Indian poetess

These poets pick the pearl of their emotions and tie it with the thread of pen to make a beautiful poem to note down their precious feelings.These feelings are not always lovely and romantic but many times they are optimistic and scary about the future. Poets also put down their anger in the form of words to improve their society or to encourage youngsters to see the real fact of the life.

A vast knowledge of every fine topics related to general people, society, nation, love etc, also their love for reading different books or collect every detail information from any medium, their ability of hard work and curiosity to learn something makes a true poet. A poets strength is always seen in their words which turns peoples negativity to positivity. I believe that they are the only one who can see both the faces of any issue and support the correct one. Their true talent is to put down their own powerful thinking in the phrases and twist it beautifully to present in the form of poetry.

Poets always are respected for their work they do for the societies and specially for their countries. They go deep through human mentality and get close to everyone with the medium of words. I always appreciate their work and specially those who were became the voice of India in earlier time to give Indian Youth to fight against the wrong and stand for their rights.