Feelings of a Newly Wedded Bride

Marriage is such a wonderful custom of life which brings happiness, desires, maturity, friends, relatives and immense love between the two. It brings a huge turning point in one’s life which brings responsibilities and adjustments in life. The fearless girl and boy when turns to bride and groom, leave back their mischievous nature and comes out as a responsible person who takes a vow to support each other and love each other.

The groom definitely has to make adjustments but he’ll be surrounded by all his family and in his own house. Whereas, the bride leaves her maternal house, her family, friends and also the town where she spends 20-25 years of her life. However, this change brings happiness and new dreams in a bride’s life but it is not easy for her to move on smoothly on this new journey of life. She ties herself into new relationships and everyone around her would care and love her, yet the relations she left behind brings tears to her eyes. After the marriage, the bride has to leave her family, her house, her dreams, her wishes, and almost everything. The only thing that she carries with her is plenty of love and sweet cherishing memories.

Imagine the first day of cooking after marriage, she was a brave girl before and cook a variety of dishes for her mom and dad of her choice which was always appreciated. But now when she has to cook for the entire family, she has to adopt everyone’s palates.  Her main goal to achieve at that moment is to make her new family happy and that starts with the food. She tries to learn every individual taste. Though she is perfect for cooking delicious meals, she ought to ask for every little thing, like what to cook, how much sugar, spiciness level, and the list is endless. There were days when she got a hot cup of tea/coffee whenever she needed but now, she has to prepare for everyone.

The first thing that changes after marriage is the name and her address. But these variations are happily accepted by a newly wedded bride as this is the new beginning. She finds this just a minor change as the main one is to fight with her emotions. Her emotions are to be controlled at various places. At times she might feel to cry and vent out her feelings, she might get tired doing the household chores which she is not used to, or sometimes she might feel difficult in adjusting herself to a totally new environment, but she has to handle all of this by herself. A little ray of hope in such a situation can only be her dear hubby who can support her. Life becomes so enjoyable when the life partner is loving and caring.

While adjusting to the new room, her cupboard, and her pillows everything changes. She misses a pillow fight with her brother or sister. A fully arranged new cupboard remembers her old cupboard sharing with her brother or sister. No doubt her spouse and his family are always there with her but some childish moments are unforgettable. This is the very first step for a woman to recognize her strength and prepare herself for the future hurdles in life.

Similarly, an emotional incident I remember was a girl before marriage is very close to her dad. She adores his dad and makes him the idol of her life. After marriage when her dad arrives at her new home to meet her, she feels restricted in meeting him as she used to meet him before. She can feel the distance in the relations now. She can’t say aloud ‘Daddy’ in an excitement as before, she can’t sit with him for and talk for long as she has her duties to finish. Now, she meets him not as a daughter but as a daughter-in-law of the family. Before hugging him she has to look around her that no one is staring at her. The distance which is felt can’t be explained in words.

There is one famous Gujarati song “ Dikri to Parki Thapan Kevay…” means the girl is meant to love, care and brought up as a Princess and then is handed over to the Prince for whom she is made for.  This phase of life is very hard to go with but it is the start of a beautiful journey. The bride fights with her emotions handle the situations and adjust to the changes. Then she herself meets with her inner strength of bringing joy and happiness around her by sacrificing and giving all her time to the new family. A girl living in a hostel in another city always feels away from her house and family but the hope of going back and living the same life again is always blooming. But when she gets married, she moves forward with the spirit to be loved by all and devote her life to her new family.